The Married but Lonely Problem in a Marriage

The reason of some people decides to get married because they love the partner. Having the soul mate and willing to live together for lasting is the main result the marriage happen. You may think like that. You hope be able to live happily with your beloved after getting married. It is a happy day because every time there is he or she that you love beside you. However, the fact is not like that. Married but lonely syndrome sets in the marriage after getting last years. The condition that is not like hoped makes this syndrome happens.

married but looking

The Cause of Lonely Married Men

Married men can get this syndrome. The boring feeling also becomes the reason. The monotonous life that is felt makes some people getting the married but lonely syndrome. Commonly, the man feels that the wife is too busy with the children and not give the attention more to him. The tiring feeling is constantly in a wife that in a long day taking a care to the children. If there is no understanding each to other, this condition will make the marriage getting the problem. Especially for men, this case becomes the main factor that makes men get this syndrome.

Dating while married is done many people that get the feeling lonely. There are some sites that offer the service making the date with another person. It can make the wife feeling depression if finding the husband dating with another woman. The case of men getting the married but lonely syndrome makes women looking for married men. The problems in the marriage will always happen if the two don’t look for the solution to what they feel. The feeling of not love again also becomes the reason the marriage break down.

Solution to Avoid lonely Syndrome

Married affairs become the serious problem that should be solved, no one wants to find out their significant other in a situation where they are married and looking. Considering about the fact that making the syndrome of married but lonely syndrome happens is a must. Remember that you should think about the reason why you decide to get married. You should know that marriage is life together and there will be a happiness and sadness that you must pass with your partner.